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Tilla the Chihuahua from Belgium (HP)

Tilla the Chihuahua

i have a chihuahua named Tilla
she is Almost 5 years old
she was Born in a puppy Mill in slovakia
and sold by a puppymill owner in belgium
i got her as a surprise gift for my birthday
she was 6 months old on paper
she was very smal and thin
she could not stand on her legs
she was like Bambi on ice
she was very sick full of parasites
After a few months my vet send me to a specialist
he told me Tilla had a lot of neurological and orthopedical problems
she had 4 surgeries the last 4 years
the last one was only two months ago
thanks to the Nice people of she got a pink walkin’wheels 16 months ago
by using the wheelchair she got stability she loved it no more Bambi on ice
Next week we are starting aquatherapy
We are hoping no more wheelchair by the start of the summer

ps she was Miss september on the calendar of Walkin’ Pets by
you Can follow us on instagram: 4cutelittledogs