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Testimonials from our Customers and their Pets

Grateful customers who wished to show their gratitude with straightforward Praise

I just can’t believe how easy this has been!!!
Hi, OK well we widened the cart and dropped the height. Not a word of a lie the dog shot off (with me attached) like a puppy going out for the 1st time. She caught me by surprise and off balance! We got to the end of our road and onto the grass and back. She hasn’t done that in months!! I can’t believe this cart has given her a new lease of life! I thought she might be tired today but she wanted to go out again!

She has taken to it like a duck to water and her confidence has grown !! I’m totally speechless. I’m hoping that in a few days we will get onto the beach. I do need some hind boots before we have no toe nails left so will get on to measuring her feet. I just can’t believe how easy this has been. Her hips are aligning properly to which improves everything – 5 stars from me! Wow and thanks.

Georgina and Sasha

Fast Service
The wheels arrived today as promised!! Thank you so much for getting them to us so quickly. We really appreciate your care and efficiency. Kind wishes.

Sarah, Steve and Bess xxx, Notts

Fly is becoming a local star
This comment was received with a video of Fly. “We couldn’t walk 10 metres in Devon without people stopping us, so it was nice to get a rare clip of her in full flight! She was so popular! So many people asked about her and the wheels, including some dog owners whose dogs had problems.We were so proud of her – she actually looks like she’s smiling when in it.

The other noticeable thing is how well she walks now out of the chair. She was really struggling before and it appears to be strengthening her all round.

Excellent Service
Thank you so much for the excellent service, the rear splint arrived on Tuesday and the progress in healing since then has been fabulous – the big fella is a little cross that he can’t knuckle over and cheat but he is managing well will it and has developed a couple of ways of dealing with trickier parts of the garden that he is determined to get into.

I am starting to feel a lot more positive about his prognosis

Carol & Ted, Jersey

Vito’s wheels have arrived in Kuala Lumpur
Vito’s wheels have reached! We are very happy with them and I wanted to thank you again for everything. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur with Vito and am going through a physio therapy program with him, trying to make him walk again. It’s a tough job but I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time and now it is finally here.

We see other dogs with self made wheels, so Vito has the Rolls Royce of them all and is the smallest. He is very playful and keeps surprising people with his capacity of using his wheels the best way he can. He still amazes me almost every day. Thank you Julia, thank you so much for this!

Gabi and Vito, Malaysia

Harry on his beloved downs
This card really made our day and warrants much more than just an entry into testimonials. “Dear Julia, we would like to Thank you for the very successful sale of dear Harry’s wheelies – so pleased that his wheelies will enable another dog to have independence and pleasure as it gave to Harry. They enabled hm to be up and out sniffing on his daily walks. he loved being up on South Barr here in Seaford, on the South D

I will continue to tell people about your good work and recommend you for your kindness and help on behalf of ‘Wheelie dogs’ to anyone I meet, if they have a dog tat is struggling.

Easy to assemble and adjust
The wheels for Misty arrived last Thursday. The cart was easier to assemble, adjust and fit then I had imagined. I have a video of her first go in it in the front garden but it’s too big to email. She seemed to take to it without any problems although we have now fitted the stirrups and that appears to work better for her.

We took her down to the vets today for her acupuncture session. Everyone there was really impressed with the quality of the cart and how she was able to manoeuvre it. Early days obviously but a really promising start. We will take it slowly but I think Misty can’t wait to be mobile once again. Many thanks again.

Best wishes, Tony & Misty, Bangor, Co. Down, N Irelaand

Wheels cope with Anything
Hi Julia, just wanted to let you know that the wheels are great, we got them from you in the new year in preparation for Kym’s DM. She only took a few goes to master them, now she can run with ease.

We go to the forest every day and she goes over some really rough terrain and the wheels seem to cope with almost anything.

Thanks again Tracy & Kym, Christchurch

They have arrived!!!
Thank you so much for the super quick service. Hubby couldn’t believe it when they turned up before 10 this morning.

Williams, Gloucestershire

You’re our life saver
Thank you so very much for your prompt and excellent service. Very much appreciated. We would be lost without these wheels for Honey. You’re our life saver.

x R. Plimbey, Crewe

Stroller helps for part of walk
Good evening Julia,just to let you know the stroller arrived today, Fantastic product and service from you. Both myself and Millie, my 17 year old Parsons Jack Russell, are very pleased.

We used it for the first time tonight, we had a walk to check the horses a walk Millie could not make for the last few months. She used the stroller for part of the way, taking in the scenery and all her usual favourite spots and loved every moment.

Lucie, Derby

Sam loves his wheels
Thanks for your help Julia! Sam loves his wheels and gets very impatient when I’m putting them on him as he knows he can get sniffing everywhere again! He doesn’t run but however when we saw a cat at the park he did pick up his speed! Thanks again from me and especially Sam!

Elaine, Colchester

He took to it straight away
After a little adjustment Finn was walking around the front garden, he took to it straight away. We’re all looking forward to getting him built up for some short walks ASAP. We’ll do it slowly although we had to slow Finn down on first use, so much for the saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

We will send on some video footage of Finn on his new wheels. We’re delighted we got them now and hope it give him a new lease of life.

David and Grace, Co. Kerry

I’m a very happy customer
Just wanna thank you so much for his (Major’s) wheels. He’s walking so much better and longer.

Lucy and Major Morgan, Derby

Quick Size Exchange or Replacement

Just a note to say also that the quality of your product is amazing, Much better than expected. I can be sure that it will last for as long as Daisy will require it. Cheers again.

Jackie and Daisy, London

She now has the freedom to enjoy
Due to a nerve problem and old age, 16 year old Pip can barely walk, but thanks to her Walking Wheels she now has the freedom to enjoy, went for a 2 mile walk the other weekend and Pip was out in front of me on the way home! 🙂

Nicola Kuzmanov, Woking

Great with sales ..
Thanks Julia you have been great with sales, quick delivery and with advice about his wheels…. I wish all people where as pleasant as you to do business with.

Paul Reading, Windsor

The wheels are wonderful
…Easy too fit. We now have a mobile Ronnie the Pug! Thank you for your kind and courteous manner and efficient service.

Trevor, Ballymena

The quality of your product is
Hi Julia, just emailing to thank you for replacing the medium dog harness for the smaller one. The speed was superb. Daisy is improving daily and is now wearing the harness duo and walking beautifully.

Just a note to say also that the quality of your product is amazing, Much better than expected. I can be sure that it will last for as long as Daisy will require it. Cheers again.

Jackie Wakefield and Daisy, London

He was in his delight.
Dutch’s wheelchair came Wednesday afternoon, by Thursday morning he had walked half an hour to the vets and half an hour back, and on the way back I think he was smelling every lamp-post. He was in his delight.

Of-course he got himself stuck a few times getting too near obstacles, but by Friday morning when I took him out he seemed to have mastered this. I am so delighted and I think if Dutch could talk he would be thanking you as well.

Anne, Dudley

Update on Eve and her wheels
I thought I’d send you an update of Eve and her wheels. I am so pleased to have them as the CDRM has really kicked in over the last few days and she can’t walk properly any more on her own. She has been getting used to the wheels since December and has taken to them very well, recently discovering that she can trot along in them too!

They draw quite a bit of attention around our village. On 9th March we are hoping to go to the National Botanic Garden near Carmarthen as they are admitting dogs for the day.

Sue, Carmarthen

Giving Hope
We heard the very sad news at the end of 2016 that the lovely GSD Bess had moved on to Doggy heaven. We thank her owners for their very kind words that brought tears to our eyes.

“Our beautiful girl died in my arms last night. Thank you for helping us give Bess the best life she could have after she became ill. Your support made such a difference to our family. She was loved by many and has broken many hearts with her sad departure. She had her time and went at home without assistance. Your service brings comfort and hope to so many people. Please know how important you are to people like us.

Super Service
They have arrived!!! Thank you so much for the super quick service. Hubby couldn’t believe it when they turned up before 10 this morning!

Williams, Gloucestershire

She took herself off down the garden ..
This morning Judy was going well and after a short walk on the lead down the road I left the wheels on her for a short time and she took herself off down the garden to do a pee in her favourite spot.

I popped her back in later to show a friend and the greatest difficulty I had was in stopping her walking away before she was completely attached!

Mary Kitson, West Wittering

Duck to Water
Dave’s dog, Alan, has take to his wheels really well – “Hi again,Well I was sceptical… But the dog has taken to his new contraption like the proverbial duck to water. Unbelievable New lease of life. Happier all round & even more confident around the house. A big thanks & have a happy dog pic.

Best regards, Dave Richards, Derby

Flexible returns
Hello Julia, Thank you for the refund for the cart and your kindness in this matter.

We are very flexible about returns as we know we’re dealing in an art, not a science. Sadly sometimes the cart gets to the customer too late. We do everything we can to help in this difficult time.

What a wonderful invention these wheels are!!!
I just wanted to say how pleased, relieved, excited and generally “whoop whoop”!! I feel about Max’s new wheels. We received them last Friday, and have since taken time to build, fit, re-fit, and gradually introduce them to Max.

After our first accompanied mini excursion yesterday, today was mine and his first solo outing, and I am grinning stupidly as I type because it has given us both immense joy – him in simply getting outside of the garden to sniff, and me because I can see a future for him again! What a wonderful invention these wheels are!!! Many thanks for your assistance throughout the process.

Suzanne Burgess-Walker

It’s about quality of life
As there is no pain with DM and the fact that Neo was still his bright cheeky self who was walking (although swaying a bit at that point) and was still active and happy – I decided to then look into other options!

For me it’s all about quality of life and your wheels gave him just that and I’m so grateful that we found you and you were always so very helpful.

Jon Holland, Wrexham

Within minutes she was running around
I just wanted to say Thank you. We took Star out Sunday afternoon to let her get a feel for her wheels, within minutes she was RUNNING around in them chasing her ball. She was enjoying herself so much that when it came time to go home she ran away and refused to come in LOL!:0).

Once again thank you from Kate & me and a Big Slobbery lick from Star.

Andy Mccarthy, Bodmin

I would certainly recommend them to other people
Hello Julia, I’m just sending you this e-mail to say a big THANK YOU. After requesting an quote from you I ordered the wheels from you on the 30 July and they arrived on the 1 August. We set them up and Rockie took to them like a duck to water.

It has given him a new lease of life. Where we could only go for short walks we go a little bit further. I feel they are doing some good as people have commented how well he is walking even without them so they must be doing something for him. I would certainly recommend them to other people so thank you again for this product.

Neil Holcroft

Arthus has ‘joie de vivre
‘Thank you for the wheels4dogs for our Aurthus. It’s great as our dog has joie de vivre with it

Arthus lives in Eschwege, Germany and so is one of our international customers. He is a Hovawart, 10 years old and has DM

Kobe is happy again
“Just thought I’d sent you this photo of my happy boy KOBE out in our local conservation area. As you can see he has taken to the cart extremely well and is more than comfortable in it. I would like to thank you all at Walking Wheels for helping me get Kobe mobile again and improving his quality of Life with his DM condition. Thank you all so much”.

Amanda, Caerphilly

Tess is back in her wheels
Hi Julia, The front harness arrived today, many thanks for providing excellent customer service. Tessa is back in her wheels! Kind regards

Jerry Raine, Devon