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Walkin’ Wheels LARGE Front Wheel Attachment

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Wheelchair Sizer Click here to use the SureFit™ Calculator to get the right size Walkin’ Wheels every time.

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See pets using the Walkin’ Wheels Full Support/4-Wheel wheelchair!

Adding the Walkin’ Wheels® LARGE Front Wheel Attachment to your LARGE Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair converts it into a Full Support/4-Wheel (Quad) wheelchair for pets with front and rear limb weakness.

  • Easy measurements; the Walkin’ Wheels Sizer determines the size for your dog.
  • Fully adjustable with simple push buttons; fits pets weighing 70-180 pounds.
  • Dogs can still “do their business” in the wheelchair.
  • Comfortable front support leg rings included.
  • Available in Pink or Blue or Camo
  • Speedy UK and Worldwide delivery (for shipping options not shown please contact us for availability.)
  • Great customer service for any follow up or questions.


First, measure the struts on your Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair. Second, measure the wheel size. These measurements will determine what size Front Wheel Attachment you need.

How to Measure Struts

The strut of the Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair is attached to the wheel. Take a tape measure and measure the Walkin’ Wheels strut from end to end.

How to Measure Wheels

Measure the diameter of the Walkin’ Wheels rear wheel.

Strut Wheel
9″ 12″
12″ 12″
12″ 16″
15″ 16″
18″ 16″

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