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Walkin’ Belly Support

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How to put on the Walkin’ Belly Support

Our Walkin’ Belly Support provides additional support for your pet while in the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair.

  • Raises middle of the pet’s body in wheelchair to relieve undue stress on his/her back.
  • Especially helpful for dogs with long backs, such as Corgis or Dachshunds.
  • Provides more support if pet is overweight, has downward sway in back, or has disc/spinal issues.
  • Made of lightweight, strong neoprene fabric.
  • Attaches to wheelchair easily and securely with touch-fastener closures.
  • Machine washable, hang dry; comes in mesh bag.


Walkin' Belly Support Measurements

Size Compatible with
Small Small Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
Medium Medium Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
Large Large Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

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