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Wheelchair SizeWidth of WheelchairConnector Size
Walkin’ Wheels Small4″-6″4″
Walkin’ Wheels Small7″-9″7″
Walkin’ Wheels Small10″ to 12.5″10″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium6″ to 9.5″6″
Walkin’ Wheels Medium & Large10″ to 12.5″9″
Walkin’ Wheels Large13″ to 17″13″

Walkin’ Wheels SMALL

Width of WheelchairConnector Size
10″ to 12.5″10″

Walkin’ Wheels MEDIUM

Width of WheelchairConnector Size
6″ to 9.5″6″

Walkin’ Wheels MEDIUM & LARGE

Width of WheelchairConnector Size
10″ to 12.5″9″

Walkin’ Wheels LARGE

Width of WheelchairConnector Size
13″ to 17″13″