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Front Leg Support

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Walkin' Wrist Wrap (Front Only)
Walkin' Carpal Splint
Walkin' Front Splint
Walkin' Wrist Wrap (Front Only)

Front Leg Support

If your pet has suffered an injury to their front leg, or has weakness in their lower leg or paw, then our range of specially designed products should contain something that can help.

We have a variety of veterinary approved splints in various designs that can extend underneath the paw or offer support to the carpal area. These can be used with our Custom fit foam inserts that help you to get a correct, comfortable fit for your pet. If your pet needs less rigid support then we have soft wrist wraps available.

Our Front No Knuckling Training Socks are a great tool to help teach your dog proper paw placement.

Browse our range of front leg support options today.

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