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Walkin' Wheels® Rear Dog Wheelchair

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Walkin' Wheels® Rear Dog Wheelchair

The Walkin' Wheels wheelchair allows your pet to walk, run, play and make toilet breaks independently. They can continue to enjoy life and all those things they love to do like chasing that ball or running on the beach.

The Walkin' Wheels rear dog wheelchairs are:

  • Easily adjustable with patented push button Technology
  • Durable as they are made of top quality, lightweight aluminium
  • Comfortable for your pet
  • Your pet can toilet while in the wheelchair
  • Easily transportable as they are either small enough or foldable

Product Details

Which conditions does Walkin'® Wheels Help?
  • General difficulty Walking
  • Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Paralysis
  • IVDD
  • Neurological Issues
  • Surgical Recovery
  • Injuries
  • Veterinarian Approved
  • A fully adjustable dog wheelchair to keep your pet mobile!
  • Push-button adjustability in height, length, and width
  • Just 1 or 2 measurements to get the right-sized frame and wheel combination!
  • Excellent Customer Service always a direct-line phone call away
Specialty Breeds (Corgi, Dachshund)

Due their unique body shapes, we've created custom wheelchairs for Corgis and Dachshunds. Select a button below to shop for that specific breed.

Indoor Solutions

The Walkin'® Drag Bag is the indoor mobility solution for paralyzed pets, perfect for when your pet is not using their Walkin'® Wheels


Rockie, the Labrador – Wheels for senior dogs

Hello Julia, I’m just sending you this e-mail to say a big THANK YOU. After requesting an quote from you I ordered the wheels from you on the 30 June and they arrived on the 1 July. We set them up and Rockie took to them like a duck to water. It has given him a new lease of life. Where we could only go for short walks we go a little bit further.I feel they are doing some good as people have commented how well he is walking even without them so they must be doing something for him.

walkin dog wheelchair

Heidi, Our Inspiration – CDRM and GSD’s

Heidi was our own GSD and was 10 years old when this picture was taken. She developed CDRM when she was 7.5 – chronic degenerative radio myelopathy – which progressed until she became handicapped as she lost all use in her back legs. With the rest of her fine and full of energy, she needed a dog walking aid. Lots of internet research, together with help from our vet, led us to Walkin’ Wheels. Without her wheels Heidi had to drag her hind quarters around, with her wheels she could enjoy life.

walkin dog wheelchair

UK Rescue Loves New Found Freedom

"This is little Guy. He was hit by a car in Greece, and sustained a broken back along with other injuries. He was rescued by FOAW (Friends of Animals Wales) and brought here to the UK. He now enjoys his newfound independence and lovely beach walks with us, his foster parents. Thank you for giving him this freedom."


small dog wheelchair

Saved from Years of Neglect

I am a Board Member of Gray Face Acres Senior Dog Rescue.  Zeke is a 15-year-old dog we saved from years of neglect. He lived outside his entire life, with no one to care about him. He has terminal cancer which has spread to his spine, causing hind weakness and coordination issues. Thanks to his Walkin' Wheels wheelchair, he can explore and live the rest of his life with joy.  It may be a short time, but he gets to be a loved, happy dog, finally!  Gray Face Acres will continue to provide wheels to any dogs we rescue that need mobility help! Walkin' Pets has been a miracle!


walkin' wheels dog wheelchair

Benny the Paralyzed Goldendoodle's Life Changing Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

You have to hear Beth Williams, a foster volunteer for Bosley's Place speak about how incredible her newest foster dog Benny's life has been changed by his Walkin' Wheelchair! Benny was born with a spinal abnormality and was unable to walk on his own. Benny's life has been completely changed by the dog wheelchair, he is now able to run and play just like any other puppy!


Disabled German Shepherd Takes First Steps in Wheelchair

This big guy is feeling like a dog again! Slowly gaining his independence back. First time walking down the street on his own since his stroke, resulting in paralysis of the hind legs back in December. Wheelchair is from Walkin' Pets and it's a great design! Easy to assemble and adjust, easy to get him in and out of, and it's very easy for him to move around with.