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Oscar Coates, the Boxer

Jan. 17, 2018

Oscar Coates collage

Oscar has asked me to send you an email as he would like to feature on your website to inspire other dogs who would benefit from some wheels.

Oscar is our 9 year old much loved boxer dog. He has faced many hurdles in his life time from two cruciate repairs on both his hind legs, to 5 cancerous tumours being removed, nothing ever fazed him. However when he became lame in December 2017 we knew this was something more serious.

We had X-rays taken and were informed that Oscar had a tumour in his bowel wrapped around his spinal cord causing a spinal cord compression, apparently explaining why he was loosing movement/control of his rear legs. Although the vet could not be 100% sure it was cancerous it was strongly suspected, leading Oscar’s life expectancy to be days, weeks maximum. We were sent home heartbroken to enjoy what time we had left with Oscar, before we would need to put him to sleep.

However two weeks passed and Oscar, although now had lost the majority of control in his back legs remained his happy cheeky self. It was at this point we sought a second opinion from another veterinary practice and Oscar had an MRI scan.

The MRI results were somewhat astonishing as Oscar does not have a single tumour. He does, however, have severe arthritis, spondylosis and his spinal cord compressing his sciatic nerves to his back legs and, although this is a bad diagnosis, he does not have any tumours and, more importantly, he does not only have days to weeks to live.

Luckily for Oscar he is loved very dearly, so we were not going to give up on him when we could see, as owners, he was not ready to leave this world.

Oscar absolutely adored his walks with his brother Tito, on the nearby beach and up the field and although he was happy with many home adaptations, harness’s and undergoing his physio and hydrotherapy, it remained impossible to get him out for a walk.

I searched far and wide for something that would be of suit to lift Oscar’s mood and get him out the house with his brother again, when I found wheels4dogs.

I contacted them via telephone to which they advised me about the wheelchair and even helped me measure Oscar correctly.

When the wheels arrived they helped myself set it up via Facebook messages this was not because of difficulty but because of Oscar being an awkward shape.
The first time we took Oscar out it was as though he was relieved, he was more than happy to walk around on his front legs and allow the wheels to do the hard work for him.

I cried when he ran down to the beach, I never thought he would see the beach again. For that I cannot thank wheels4dogs enough for their absolutely brilliant service and for being so friendly and supportive, 5 Star’s.

Two months on and Oscar remains his happy self, he can now get out and about with his brother for walks and even plays fetch in the house with his wheels on.
Oscar has gone from being ‘at the end of his life’, to living a new adapted life which he continues to love.

Oscar Coates