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Maria, our Romanian Rescue Dog

Maria’s story has an horrific start. Abandoned as a puppy in a snow covered Romanian forest she was eventually found. The woman who found Maria took her to the city where a man had fenced an old car park to create a very basic shelter for some of the many street dogs. This was home to Maria and 20 other dogs for three years.

One night two men broke in and Maria was shot twice, then beaten and kicked so cruelly that her spine was broken. It was eleven days before Maria had any surgery but it was too late to save her spine. She was returned to the car park with bullets still inside her, to recover as best she could.

Maria 1

Hessa, of Hessa’s Homeless Hounds, found out about Maria and brought her over to the UK.

I first heard about Maria when Amy contacted me about wheels and between us and the manufacturer in the USA we were able to donate some wheels for Hessa.

Maria 2

Maria’s progress has been slow as it has taken a long time for her learn to trust people again and to get over her fears.

Maria is now able to enjoy her wheels at Hessa’s Homeless Hounds.

Maria 3

Hessa says:

‘Maria is going from strength to strength! She has changed so much in recent months, physically she is a lot stronger. She goes to hydrotherapy once a week and we can’t believe the progress she has made. Her back left leg is so strong now, building up muscle and even moves! (It even twitched when she was dreaming the other day!) When she is at hydro you can really feel it, and when she is in her cart you can see it twitching! Her weaker ‘chicken leg’ is even building muscle too.

Maria is also trying to hold her weight up a lot more, she tries to push up with her back legs and often hovers her bum off the ground trying to support her back legs. She is getting stronger day by day!

The cart has always been a slow process with Maria as she is very strong willed and has to be in the right mood to go for a walk but we have recently started driving her to local parks/heaths/fields to give her a change of scenery and it’s definitely worked! Maria loves it! The minute she is in the cart she’s off!’

Maria 4

If you would like to donate to help Hessa’s Homeless Hounds, or to find out about rehoming see or call 01763 274630. A donation of £8 will buy a large bag of food which Hessa will send to Romania.