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Malachi the GSD


He was stamped on as a baby and subsequently rescued by his now permanent owner. She hand reared him from 4 weeks as she felt he deserved a chance but it soon became apparent how severe his issues were. Due to a number of reasons Malachi was very unsteady on his feet and was frequently falling over and hurting himself. He was unable to walk or maintain any balance and co-ordination.

At just 1 year with all these probems his zest for life was amazing, he just wanted to join in with all the other dogs but couldn’t as he kept getting injured.

Once he became mature enough one of his followers got him his wheels which opened a complete new life for for him.
He uses his wheels all the time and it’s helped him to socialise with the other dogs. They are also helping to correct his spine with weekly support form Fitzpatrick Referrals (TV’s Supervet)

Malachi will never be a “normal” dog but his wheels enable him to enjoy life and have a bit of independence.