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Mack, A Story of Love

Meet Mack and Lorimer Burn. Mack is a nine year old pedigree Border Collie, rescued by Lorimer when he was six. He was going to be put down because of a ‘character defect’ – he’ll run away and hide in a hedge (or behind a sofa) if you shout at him; he’s that gentle.

He has been Lorimer’s closest and most responsive ‘Best friend’ all this time. Last year, Mack walked nearly 40 miles over four days with me, along the North Somerset and Devon coast at the beginning of the South West Coast Trail.

Mack 1

Everything changed on Sunday 21st December 2014. As usual, Mack was playing one of his games. He would run up the drives of the houses on our quiet road, drop the ball to watch it roll down the drive to the road, and wait for it to be thrown back to him. He’d catch it and run ahead to the next drive.

It was about 09:30 and he’d run up a neighbour’s drive – the last one before he reached home. He was crouched on the drive, waiting for his ball, when the neighbours backed out in their car. Because they were backing they didn’t see him and Mack is so trusting he didn’t move, and the car ran over him – straddled him.

Essentially, he’d been squashed while in a crouching position. Vertebrae three and four had been displaced and the disc between them shattered. This was the most serious injury, which appears to have paralysed him from his shoulders down. His sternum was also broken with two of the bones overlapped, and two ribs were sheared at their attachment points. His sternum was also broken, with two of the bones overlapped, and two ribs were sheared at their attachment points.

Mack 2

Mack was taken to Fitzpatrick Referrals* where he underwent surgery to repair his spine, sternum and ribs. Mack’s recovery was slow but steady. After two weeks he started to lick himself and respond to Lorimer.

As Mack recovered his medication was gradually reduced and he started physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at Fitzpatricks to build strength and encourage him to stand.

Mack 3

On the 22nd January Mack was introduce to his wheels by the staff at Fitzpatricks.

Mack 4

He then went outside for his first walk since his accident. You can see Mack’s first walk on our Videos page.

On the 23rd January Mack was allowed home. Since then he has continued with his physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, has started on the treadmill and, of course, he has his new wheels – building up his strength and stamina. By the 10th March 2015 Mack was going for 20 minute walks. There’s a video of his first 20 minute walk on our videos page.

Mack 5

A wonderful story of a Mack’s courage and stamina, and of Lorimer’s love.

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