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Lur, Rescued from Spain

Lur’s story has been written by Emma who now care for him.

“Lur’s story starts in Spain where he was involved in an RTA and abandoned with a fractured spine at the side of the road. Things didn’t get much easier when he was handed into one of the many kill shelters in the country but thankfully did receive some basic medical attention.

Lur 1

A local rescue centre then took Lur to live with them and placed him in an old 2nd hand cart from a much smaller dog. Although this gave him his freedom back he also suffered from terrible open wounds to his feet from them dragging along the floor and deep open sores on his hips ,bottom and under arms from the cart not fitting properly. There was also no harness with the cart which consisted of open bars with no front – so was tied to him with a lead and his legs were forced into tiny holders where he was left to wander around each day unable to rest or sit. Somewhere along the way I believe Lur was adopted and then handed back – I’m not sure of the details.

The terrain where he lived was dry, rough, uneven and rocky so not only did his cart keep breaking but he was also dragging himself around on the floor which resulted in his penis becoming so infected and sore that amputation was proposed.

I saw him by chance on the Facebook page for the rehoming centre who were asking for cash donations to buy him a new chair, which at this point had completely broken so he was dragging himself along the floor with no protection. Instead I enquired about adopting Lur as I could not imagine that this boy could survive without some serious vet care and aftercare. The 6 week wait to meet him was a lifetime away with many options explored including driving over and collecting him / flying over and driving back. Unfortunately not only were these ideas extremely costly but also scuppered by the necessary paperwork to bring him into the UK – so I waited and asked for regular updates on him.

A Facebook campaign was started for members of the page to raise 250 euros for Lur’s transport, this was achieved within 24 hours. The transport company then offered to bring him across free of charge and instead offered the money already raised to be used by his shelter towards seeing a vet. Lur finally got to see the vet 3 weeks before he travelled but there was some bad news in which I was told Lur would need surgery to remove his penis asap and that he would not be allowed to travel unless fit and recovered. After many calls to my vets in the UK, emails to specialists and many messages to and from his shelter in Spain it was agreed that they would not operate unless in serious need but would notify me first so that I could send funds across for the proper level of care. At my request they stitched his foreskin to protect his penis and give it time to repair, put him in a nappy for the first time and bandaged his feet. Panic over – for now.

Lur 2

Finally the day arrived when Lur would start his 3 day journey to me along with 8 other dogs and a cat, mostly rescues but some moving home. The transport company ‘Costa Blanca Dog Homing’ assured me that he would be attended to and his nappies changed along the journey as best they could. They kept to their word and when I finally met Lur on Saturday it was the biggest relief. He even pined for his driver when they left!

After seeing the vet, he has started his injections, had flea & worm treatments, numerous baths (every few hours) and I’m becoming a master at nappy changing. He lives with 11 furry brothers & sisters, 4 of which are also dogs and gives the best cuddles. His penis is starting to heal so the amputation has been put on hold for now, his open pressure sores on his bottom are still very raw but I’m hoping they will heal overtime with cleaning, cream and some fresh air when he becomes mobile again and can have nappy-free time. His bottom is still very sore and bleeds each time he goes to the toilet but the vet feels that this will also get better with regular cleaning and no more dragging on the floor.

Needless to say he eats everything in sight but after a few days is starting to slow down and not panic as he realises that food will always be available to him.

Lur 3

After everything that this little guy has been through, he has the kindest most loving nature and is the sweetest little dog. I know I can’t take away what has happened to him nor make it so that he will be able to walk freely on his own but I promised him that he will have everything he needs to be comfortable and all the love (and food) in the world from now on.

Lur 4

I just can’t wait to take him to the beach and the park ‘cos he deserves it so much. I’ve even cancelled a free lunch at a posh restaurant on Thursday with work as I’m so excited about the delivery of his new wheels. We can’t thank you enough for your kind donation, it will be appreciated so so much.”

Lur and his new wheels can be seen on our video page.