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Lily Gurr the GSD

Lily Gurr on the beach
Lily Gurr one of the pack

We rescued Lily from the local dog rescue after a chance comment by a customer in my shop mentioned a GSD being at the rescue. We had lost our Twiggy about 6 weeks previously. Three days after enquiring about her we were home checked and she came to live with us aged 10 months. Apart from the normal puppy type mischief, eating sofas, digging holes, getting in the pond etc Lily was a perfect girl from the outset. Confident, friendly, always looking for fun and a calm leadership she has spent the last 9 years making friends, walking the beach and county park and doing running, lots of running!!

Aged 8 we saw small signs of her having some sort of problems. Limping when she got up and not wanting to put much weight through her rear right leg. X-rays showed a terrible pair of hips, virtually no socket and arthritis forming. Only her being so fit and muscular had been holding it all together. A few months later she went in for a full hip replacement and that was the beginning of a nightmarish year. The hip wouldn’t stay in. Another 3 operations in the following weeks to hold it in place didn’t work either. The 5 days stay at the vets became 3 weeks. Eventually unable to keep it in place a gene test was carried out to bring us the devastating news that Lily had DM. She never walked again…..

After a further corrective surgery 2 months later and recovery she was then ready to try her wheels.

Well, it took her all of 10 seconds to take to them and I’m not exaggerating. I will try to find the video of her the first time in them over the country park. So, followed daily walks anything up to 2 hours on some days. In the sea, right over the wheels. Once she actually started to float in them!! Racing through the long grass, down and up slopes. Nothing could stop her. She was just back to being Lily +wheels. Not only that but we were really aware of how much fitter and healthier being upright in the wheels and exercising daily was for her. She used them for 15 months and I can honestly say she enjoyed every minute of it. She has an incredible strength of character and she just went for it!! Six weeks from her last run out in the wheels she’s now ready to go. Without a doubt they have extended her life to a near normal length for a non DM dog. She will be 10 years and 3 months old when she leaves us. 💔💔

Thanks to you Becky and all the advice , help and amazing mobility aids you have helped us with x x

Jo & Dan x x

Lily Gurr and friends
Lily Gurr in the Sea