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Inca Sharp, GSD

Feb. 23rd, 2018

Inca Sharp

We took Inka on from the local rescue centre on 4th July 2015. She was 15.3 kg and had been left tied to a bench in a local park. She was scared of her own shadow.

Gradually she put weight on until her ideal weight of 23 kg. We attended training classes to socialise with people who understood dogs. Within 3 months we had a new dog.

We have always gone everywhere together and would never dream of a holiday without our dogs, including North Devon, Norfolk and the French Alps.

She has always enjoyed being active with friends including her best friend Barnaby

In August 2017 we began to notice some disturbing signs. Having already had a dog with what was originally called CDRM we were all to familiar with the disease. We told our vet of our suspicions who said that the symptoms were so negligible they wouldn’t have noticed them if they had not been asked to look. CDRM is now just referred to as DM. A diagnosis is by process of elimination. After blood tests and an MRI our fears were confirmed. After 6 months of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy she has finally lost the ability to support her body weight on her right back leg. It didn’t help that it decided to pick the exact week to snow.

Having spoken to our vet, the hydrotherapists and the referral vets we decided Inka was still otherwise active enough to try a set of wheels when the time came. We trolled through various sites and decided on the Walkin Wheels. They arrived just in time!

Inka has taken to them like a duck to water. Due to their design we are currently able to leave her back legs running on the ground to try and maintain muscle mass. The wheels are almost being used as a set of stabilisers although as the disease develops she will need the stirrups.

We have just come back from one of our regular walks along some local bridleways with a game of fetch for good measure (she hasn’t been able to chase her ball for 6 months until today).

We are hoping for an extra summer with our girl on wheels.

Inca Sharp in snow 2
Inca Sharp in snow