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Frequently Asked Questions for Walkin’ Wheels®

dog in wheelchair
dog in wheelchair
dog in wheelchair
dog in wheelchair

A selection of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’:

Can my pet poop and pee in the wheelchair?

Yes, that’s the beauty of the wheelchair. It helps your pet get the exercise they need and to do their business.

Can my pet still use their rear legs in the wheelchair?

All wheelchairs are supplied with optional stirrups so your pet can have their rear legs lifted off the ground or continue to have their paws on the ground if they are able.

Are the wheelchairs veterinary approved?

Yes, they have been approved by USA Vets and are frequently recommended by UK vets. We always recommend that you discuss the suitability of a wheelchair for your pet with your own vet prior to purchase.

Do you ship outside the UK?

We ship throughout Europe and Worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quotation.

Are there any limitations?

You need to be realistic about your pet’s overall health and what you expect your pet to be able to do. Older pets or if your pet has had surgery, will need to build up strength and stamina. If you had been inactive or injured, you wouldn’t expect to walk 5 miles straight away and your pet will be the same. Whilst the wheelchairs are very stable we do not recommend leaving your pet unsupervised for any length of time. In addition, your pet cannot lie down and rest in their wheelchair.

How quickly will my pet get used to the wheelchair?

The wheelchairs come with guidance on ‘getting going’. Initially let them get used to the look of the wheelchair, then the feel of the harness. Put them in it for a few moments on and reward them for being good. Treats will help as well as lots of fuss. Try and make sure only good things happen while they are in the chair. Encourage them to take one or two steps and again use lots of praise. A very gentle push may help. Once moving, lots of praise and they’ll soon be leaving you behind. Never rush things or allow your pet to become distressed.

What happens if my purchase cannot be used? Would my money be just going down the drain ?

Please contact us if you are concerned. It is very rare for a dog to reject a wheelchair if the owner has taken care over the initial introduction. However, within the first 14 days we are prepared to give a full refund, if the cart is as new and with all packaging undamaged, or a partial refund if there has been damage. You can find more detailed Returns information in our Terms and Conditions Policy which is on the website and complies with current legislation. Please read this policy carefully and, if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.

What is the warranty on a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair?

The wheelchair frame is guaranteed for five years from the date of purchase. The warranty protects against defects in the material or workmanship. If a wheelchair frame breaks under normal usage, please let us know and we will repair or replace at our option. The warranty applies to the original owner only and is non-transferable. The soft parts and wheels are guaranteed for 3 months against defects.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay using a debit/credit card or Paypal on our website. Alternatively we can accept debit/credit card payments over the phone or email you a Paypal request (used for international payments).

How long will it take to arrive?

We hold stock in the UK and use Parcelforce 24 hour delivery on the UK mainland. Please allow 1 additional working day handling time. Shipping times to all other destinations can be advised at point of order. Any courier delays are out of our control.

There are cheaper wheelchairs on the market. Why should I buy a Walkin’ Wheels® ?

In 2005 when Handicapped Pets started working with engineers to create Walkin’ Wheels® adjustable dog wheelchair for injured and disabled pets, they had a choice – either engineer the lowest priced product and hope customer’s didn’t care too much about quality or create the world’s best pet wheelchair. They believe they chose the latter and we agree. The emails and letters we’ve received are proof that customers want quality.

Should I have foam or pneumatic tyres?

This depends on the life your pet leads. Pneumatic wheels are available for the 12″ and 16″ kits. If your pet is older, is likely to do walks on fields, sand, roads and footpaths for even a few miles, then the foam wheels will be sufficient. If you have a larger, heavier or young dog that has had an injury or accident and you plan to go for longer walks over rough ground then the pneumatic wheels are tougher and may be better. It’s worth noting that the pneumatic wheels are slightly heavier and may get punctures.

Do I need a carrying harness?

The Walkin’ Wheels® comes supplied with carrying handles which can be clipped on to the leg rings for carrying your dog for short distances. Every dog is an individual so there’s no definite answer and its best to see how your dog gets on before deciding. We supply the Walkin’ Lift® Harness and Walkin’ Lift® Combo both of which fit into the wheelchair to replace the leg rings. Your vet may also be able to advice.

Do you have used wheelchairs for sale?

We usually have some “tried on” wheelchairs for sale at a reduced price, sizes are subject to availability. Please contact us to enquire about these. We do not have products for hire and are not able to offer terms for payment.

Do you offer reductions for Charity or Trade Dealer purchases?

Yes we do. If you are a registered charity or a company looking to sell our products then please get in touch for further details. 

For any further clarification, please contact us or Phone 0800 072 3697