Dog wheelchairs from

Our Dog Wheelchairs come complete with all that you will need to get your dog mobile including simple step by step instructions.

Features of Walkin’ Wheels® and Walkin’ Wheels Mini

  • Lightweight – good for the dog and owner
  • Dogs can poop and pee
  • Strong, high grade aluminium and stainless steel – will not rust
  • Available to fit all sizes of dogs
  • Only one measurement needed and we will help you
  • Adjustable in minutes with no tools needed
  • Available off the shelf with foam or pneumatic (air) tyres
  • Folds flat (except Mini) for carrying, car boot, storage and shipping
  • Looks smart
  • For active dogs who like ‘off road’ walks, Walkin’ Wheels® are ideal as they cope with different surfaces and rough ground

See Heidi and others on our Videos page or to fully appreciate the ease with which Walkin Wheels can be used, download a PDF version of the User Manual or Mini User Manual from our PDF Downloads Page.

‘Walkin’ Wheels® and Walkin’ Wheels Mini® dog wheelchairs offer the best value of any dog wheelchair available because they are so adjustable. They can be adjusted to the growth and changing needs of your pet.

Young dogs that have an injury can use the same chair all of their life by simply adding different wheels, longer struts or longer extender arms.

They are easy to resell because they can be adapted for different dogs and can even be used after surgery to help with recovery.