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Success Stories from Users of our Dog Wheelchairs

Oscar Coates, the Boxer

Oscar has asked me to send you an email as he would like to feature on your website to inspire other dogs who would benefit from some wheels.
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Inca, the GSD

We took Inka on from the local rescue centre on 4th July 2015. She was 15.3 kg and had been left tied to a bench in a local park. She was scared of her own shadow.
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Tilla the Chihuahua from Belgium

She was Born in a puppy Mill in Slovakia and sold by a puppymill owner in Belgium. I got her as a surprise gift for my birthday.
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Lily Gurr the GSD

We rescued Lily from the local dog rescue after a chance comment by a customer in my shop mentioned a GSD being at the rescue.
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Malachi the GSD

He was stamped on as a baby and subsequently rescued by his now permanent owner. She hand reared him from 4 weeks as she felt he . . .
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Gus the Pug

We got Gus and he was a normal healthy happy puppy and one day he started staggering around like as you would see drunk people.
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Mack, A Story of Love

Mack had a terrible accident but Mack and his owner did not give up. Mack is now enjoying his lift with his Walkin’ Wheels cart.
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Maria, our Romanian Rescue Dog

Maria’s story has an horrific start. Abandoned as a puppy in a snow covered Romanian forest she was eventually found.
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Poppy, the Labrador

Poppy has been given a new lease of life as a dog on wheels. Devoted owner Peter Austin feared his beloved pet . . .
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Lur, Rescued from Spain

Lur’s story starts in Spain where he was involved in an RTA and abandoned with a fractured spine at the side of the road.
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