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Custom made wheelchairs for Small Pets

This wheelchair is for any small pet with strong forelimb strength and a willingness to get up and run around normally again. The hips of the pet are just behind the axle to balance the wheelchair and remove nearly all joint pressure. The sling uses a new self-moulding system designed by an Orthopaedic Veterinary Surgeon in the USA. The sling clips in and out of the wheelchair with only the weight of your pet needed to lock securely. The stirrups are supplied as standard on every wheelchair so the rear legs can be held up off of the ground to protect against paw injury, if necessary, or left down if the pet is still able to walk. The stirrups flex with the natural movement of the legs.

Pets under 8lbs

Custom made for pets over 180lbs

The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair for Large dogs and other pets is suitable for pets up to 180lbs. Some pets are even heavier than this and you will need to consider a specialised wheelchair. These have been made for and used by very large dogs, small ponies and even deer.

Dogs over 180lbs

Quad Wheelchairs

For pets with weak front limbs, amputees, elderly pets, and any animal that needs full support the Walkin' Wheels Adjustable dog wheelchair has easy-to-add front wheel extensions. A front wheel kit can be ordered with a Walkin' Wheels, or purchased separately at any time. It is easy to attach and simple to adjust.

For full details on the front wheel attachment, please see our section on Front Wheel Attachments. One of the advantages of a front wheel extension is that it connects easily to any Walkin' Wheels whelchair.
The entire Walkin' Wheels wheelchair can be adjusted together or, the original side extenders can be replaced to make a traditional dog wheelchair.

Sometimes, in extreme cases, you will need to consider a custom-built wheelchair. In this case, the device is a bit more complicated and requires a number of measurements. We can help with this process.

Different typres of pets

Front Limb wheelchair

For some pets, it is only their front legs that are giving them problems. A front limb only wheelchair can be just what is needed to get them mobile again.

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