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Why a Mini wheelchair

The Mini Walkin' Wheels has been designed to meet the needs of our small pals. The lighter gauge aluminium and harnesses mean that your pet can run and play. A wheelchair must be comfortable as well act functional which is why the Mini was developed. As with the Medium and Large carts the Mini has been designed and engineered to be the world's best pet wheelchair.

Your big hearted pal needs exercise just as much as their medium and large brother, for both their physical and psychological health.
Our wheelchairs will encourage your dog to use their back legs so that they retain muscle tone and blood circulation. If they have feeling and movement they can exercise their hips and thighs. If they are paralysed, then the stirrups that hang off the back will keep their legs safe from harm.


Benefits of the Mini Wheelchair

Mini Walkin'Wheels are light, strong and easy to fit

~ help your pet retain their general health, fitness and well-being
~ help them keep their independence and freedom
~ they can poop, pee and exercise their hips, hind legs and tail
~ although light they are strong and will not rust so it can be used
on uneven ground, in water, mud and on the beach
~ easy to clean, just rinse
~ easy to order as we need only your pet's weight and three
~ Fully adjustable for the perfect fit and folds flat for ease of transport.
~ the Small wheels comes with the manufacturers guarantee - metal
parts for 5 years, soft parts or three months, subject to
reasonable use and care

Senior Citizens

An older dog or pet needs their exercise just as much as a young one - perhaps just not quite so much and age alone need not cause a problem. We haven't noticed that older dogs have any more difficulty adapting to wheelchairs than young ones. Dogs and pets of all ages quickly adapt to their wheels.


Range and Sizes

Mini Walkin' Wheels are available for pets weighing between 1kg and 4.5kgs and are currently only available in Blue.

Available in 3 sizes: Mini-B1, Mini-B2 and Mini-B3.

There is not a Front Wheel Attachment available for these yet.

Toy dog breeds such as Chihuahua, miniature Dachshund, Maltese, Papillon, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier and more, along with cats and rabbits can all benefit from a Mini wheelchair.


When it is delivered your Mini Walkin' wheels box contains all that you and your pet need to get mobile again. There is also a DVD to watch and full guidance in our User Manual. We are available on the phone or email if you have any questions. If you want us to check the set up and fit then you can email us some photos and we check for you. If we see anything then we'll let you know how to adjust the fit and you can send more pictures to double check if you want.


How To Order

Contact Becky using or click on the "Quotation Request" link at the top of this page.

Telephone Becky on 0800 072 3697 or 07791 414757.

You can click on the link below to order via our Amazon shop.
(Remember to ensure you select the correct size for your pet. If you have any queries regarding sizing, please contact me).

£199   -   Normally in Stock

You will need to Measure the Height and Weight of Your Pet before Ordering
See our Illustrated Guidance

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