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Your dog's front legs are much like your own arms. Directly above each paw is the wrist joint.
The dog wrist wrap, fitted securely, stabilises your dog's forearm bones and lends support to the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg.



To apply the Walkin' Wrist Wrap, simply wrap the neoprene brace around the front leg about 1 inch above where the wrist bends and fasten securely with velcro.
Be sure that the brace does not interfere with the flexion of the paw.Your dog will soon let you know the proper tension for support.


The size you need depends on your dogs weight.
Please contact me for sizing.

These braces are not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease or condition.
We recommend consulting with your veterinarian regarding any concerns you have about your dog's health.



Contact Becky using hope@wheels4dogs.co.uk or click on the "Quotation Request" link at the top of this page.

Telephone Becky on 0800 072 3697 or 07791 414757.

18   -   Normally in Stock

You will need to Weigh Your Pet before Ordering
See our Illustrated Guidance

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