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These boots protect your pets's paws from any kind of rough surface including gravel, rocks, or dirt paths. The boots are sturdy and strong while being stylish and fashionable.

• Reflective tape
• Open slit in back, making them easy to put on & take off
• Adjustable straps
• High tops to protect the lower part of legs
• Thick rubber sole providing support and insulation
• Water resistant
• Breathable neoprene shell


Ideal for

• Injured, disabled, or elderly pets that drag their paws
• Pets with cuts or bruises on their paws or legs that need to be kept clean and dry
• Keeping road salt and lawn chemicals out of sensitive paws
• Adding stability on slippery surfaces
• Protecting sensitive paw pads
• Fashionable! Look Great!

Use the full set

Note: Many animals respond better when all four booties are on. Putting just one boot on an injured foot may feel awkward to your pet (like walking with one shoe on).


These boots are available in packs of two or four.

from £18   -   Normally in Stock

You will need to Measure the Paw Width of Your Pet before Ordering
See our Illustrated Guidance

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