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Lift and assist larger dogs and other pets
Great for post-surgical rehabilitation
Height adjustable handles
Made of 50/50 washable denim and lined with comfortable fleece
Held securely in place with convenient Velcro

Available in 5 sizes from Small to Extra Large. See measuring guidance to determine appropriate size.

Support without hurting your back

Using a Sling

Never suspend a dog in the air from the Walkin' Support Sling. If you have to fully carry a dog or other pet that cannot support any weight on its legs, pick them up and cradle then or use a pet transport stretcher.

How to measure


Measure the larger of the dog's abdomen or chest. Pay closest attention to the "E" dimension. For example: an animal with an "E" measurement of 12" cannot use a Medium/Large as it will not fit between his front and back legs.



Contact Becky using hope@wheels4dogs.co.uk or click on the "Quotation Request" link at the top of this page.

Telephone Becky on 0800 072 3697 or 07791 414757.

You can click on the link below to order via our Amazon shop.
(Remember to ensure you select the correct size for your dog. If you have any queries regarding sizing, please contact me).

from 45   -   Normally in Stock

You will need to Measure the Chest Girth of Your Pet before Ordering
See our Illustrated Guidance

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