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Amputee comfort

When a pet has had one limb amputated the other leg has to take on an extra load and so sometimes problems develop which mean a wheelchair is needed. This cover fits over the leg ring to accommodate a pet that has had a smooth amputation.

The cover can also be used with the Front Attachment when you pet has had a front limb removed.

For pets that have a leg amputation we have a cover for the Leg Ring. The cover fits over the leg ring to for pets that have amputation where the site is smooth with no remaining stump. This makes it more comfortable for your pet. It is made of soft neoprene, can be washed and hung to dry, like all of our soft products.

The Amputee Leg Ring Cover comes in 3 sizes. One for the small size wheelchair, one for the regular wheelchair and one for the large wheelchair.

Fitting an Amputee leg Ring Cover
Sandy in his Quad cart

£15   -   Normally in Stock

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