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Our Dog Wheelchairs come complete with all that you will need to get your dog mobile including simple step by step instructions.

Features of Walkin’ Wheels and Walkin’ Wheels Mini

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To fully appreciate the ease with which Walkin Wheels can be used, you may download a PDF version the User Manual or Mini User Manual.

Measuring your dog for a set of Walkin' Wheels

As promised, there’s only one height measurement to take. Support your dog in their correct standing position and measure from the ground to the groin. This is the fold in the flank of the dog, the skin that joins the back leg to the abdomen.

The height measurement doesn't have to be exact as the wheelchair is adjustable. Once you have this height measurement, it is easy to select the correct size for your dog.

Measuring you dog for a set of Walkin' Wheels Mini

Maesuring Walkin Wheels Mini

The Walkin' Wheels Mini fits pets in this range:
Width: From 4 inches to 8 inches wide
Fold of Flank to Ground: Between 3 and 10 inches high
Length: 10 to 17 inches long (back of front leg to back of rear leg) or elbow to rump

Note: An adjustment to the dog wheelchair, requiring a philips screwdriver, is required for dogs over 6 inches high.

The prices start at £269 for the Walkin' Wheels Mini ®, £329 for the Walkin' Wheels® + shipping (free in mainland UK) and vary depending on the size of your dog and therefore the size of wheelchair you need. Once you have the height measurement and weight (and additional measurements for the Mini) we can select the correct size for your dog. In case your measurements are border line between two sizes, it will help if you include the breed and weight as well.

So all you need to do is take the measurement and Request a Quote.